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A digital piano will lose approximately 40% to 50% of all it's value within the first 5 years, in contrast to an acoustical piano which will only lose about 15% of it's value over 10 years.
Parks & Sons Piano Service is open for services. Even though Maine remains to be lightly effected by the Covid19 flu - because of the state and federal request, we currently will be wearing a mask and gloves during visits to homes and institutions. Also (temporarily), while making appointments, we will ask a few simple question to ascertain any possible exposure risks.
Covid-19 News and Information

With all the information about Covid-19, and so much being misleading, we felt it might be helpful to our customers to provide some factual references, comparisons, and news.

Covid-19 Updates:

The Covid-19 data in the table below is refreshed every 3 minutes.

The data below is obtained from multiple sources to present a "Live" update. Sometimes the data will be slight more or less than the official 24hr results.
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U.S. Flu (avg) US Maine UK EU Italy World
Gross Cases Count
(% of Population)
(% of Cases)
(% of Cases)
Active Cases
(Cases - Recovered - Deaths)
(% of Cases)

It should be noted that The United States (as of 7-19-2020) has performed approximately 45.6 million tests. This is far more than any other country in the world. The more tests performed, factually, the more cases you will uncover. An important topic no one is considering is the false positive and false negatives. No test of any kind is 100% accurate and so the more tests performed the more false positives will eventually find their way into those results. It is currently unknown how many of the past cases included false positives. If a test is 98% accurate, then 45.6 million tests would result in about 1 million false positives/negatives.

The first death from Covid-19 was reported Updating days ago (February 29th). Since that day about Updating Americans have died. During that same amount of time Updating babies have died through abortions in The United States as well - these were preventable.

Welcome to Parks & Sons Piano Service

Parks & Sons Piano Service is family owned and operated. Providing full piano services to Maine.

We routinely service homes, schools, churches, and centers of performance located from south of Bangor to north of Presque Isle; from west of Saint Albans to the east in Eastport and Lubec, and most points between.

Since Parks & Sons offers full piano service we can take care of almost any piano need. Whether you are looking for piano tuning, repair, rebuilding, reconditioning, refinishing, moving, or appraisal services (just to mention a few), Parks & Sons can help you.

Remember that having your piano tuned at least once a year can actual save the owner money. A piano which has been neglected year after year may require costly repairs to become playable again. On the other hand, pianos that receive services, such as a yearly tuning by a tuner/technician, can usually avoid such problems.

The savings associated with preventative service is one reason you should always have your piano tuned by a tuner-technician.

Some tuners are not technicians (i.e. tuning may be the only service they provide) - their knowledge of piano repair and servicing is quite limited. Problems may go unnoticed, or repairs and adjustments may be avoided from fear of the unknown.

A piano tuner-technician's knowledge of piano function, repair, and servicing is invaluable during routine tunings. These skills enabling small repairs and adjustments to be made during a tuning visit (many times at no extra charge). This can prevent small problems from ballooning into headaches that could be more costly. By having a Parks & Sons Piano tuner-technician tune, or otherwise service, your piano at least once a year can provide better confidence that your piano is being properly cared for and the instrument's value is being better maintained.

Parks & Sons’ view of piano servicing and customer relations is a serious commitment to treating them as we would want to be treated ourselves.

We always remember you own your piano and you alone have the right to make decisions regarding piano service for the instrument. When a repair or other extra service need does arise the Parks & Sons’ tuner-technician will discuss with the customer the needs along with the available options and costs. The customer can then make a knowledgeable decision based on their personal needs.

When you are looking for your Maine piano tuner, or any piano service, please let Parks & Sons Piano Service demonstrate the quality of our professional services and our affordable rates.

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