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A digital piano will lose approximately 40% to 50% of all it's value within the first 5 years, in contrast to an acoustical piano which will only lose about 15% of it's value over 10 years.

Our Pianos

Buying a piano on the private used piano market can be interesting to say the least. Hundreds of pianos all in various condition, yet most listed as "just needs tuning".

Having routinely dealt with such purchased pianos, Parks & Sons can confidently state that most of these instruments will need much more than "just a tuning".

When you purchase a piano through Parks & Sons Piano Service you can be assured that the instrument has been put into excellent shape and is ready for use. Unless listed otherwise, every piano receives a complete reconditioning and regulation. Yet preparation for sale may include many other improvements such as refinishing.

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Thumbnail Piano Maker Year Made Form Factor Bench Delivery Tuning Warranty List Price
Steinway & Sons 1917 Medium Grand
LeSage 1971 Console
WurliTzer 1960 Spinet
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