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A digital piano will lose approximately 40% to 50% of all it's value within the first 5 years, in contrast to an acoustical piano which will only lose about 15% of it's value over 10 years.

Services :: Piano Moving

Some pretty unusaual stories have been told of a do-it-yourself piano moving that resulted the unexpected - injuries, damaged instruments, dented vehicles, crushed walls, scratched floors, and in at least one instance it was claimed to have started a fire. Of course many people have successfully moved their own piano, but piano moving is still just plain hard, heavy, and nerve-wracking work.

Parks & Sons can move your piano with the care needed to make it safely from point A to point B. Please Contact Us for moving quotes.

When contacting us about a piano move, the following information can help us provide a more accurate quote:

  • Piano Type
    • There are a few types of pianos, and providing the type will help us determine the instrument's approximate weight.

      Grand (measured from front edge of keyboard to back edge of piano lid):
      • Concert Grand (7' 4" or longer)
      • Medium Grand (5' 6" to 7' 6")
      • Small / "Baby" Grand (5' 8" or smaller)

      Vertical (measured from floor to top of lid):
      • Upright (51" or taller)
      • Studio (43" to 50")
      • Console (40" to 42")
      • Spinet (39" or smaller)

  • Piano's Current Location
    • Town
    • Access (driveway, ability to back truck up to an entrance, or such information)
    • What floor is the piano on
    • How many steps (if any) will be encountered when the piano is moved
    • Any unusualness or difficulties (such as narrow hallways with sharp turns)
  • Piano's Destination       (again)...
    • Town
    • Access (driveway, ability to back truck up to an entrance, or such information)
    • What floor will the piano be delivered to
    • How many steps between the truck's access and the delivery point within the location
    • Any unusualness or difficulties
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