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Piano Tuner & Technician services in Maine - keeping your piano in tune!

          Parks & Sons offers a complete line of piano service.   Every job is performed to our high quality standards - and as with all our services we keep our customer's best interest in mind.   This means we do not promote services or items the customer does not need.
          If we suggest work on your instrument we will always explain why it is needed,  how much it would cost,  and any alternatives available.  We then supply the customer with any information they need to make their own decision.

Parks and Sons Piano Service provides the following affordably priced piano services in Maine.

Fine Tuning - This can be the standard A440,  tuned to another instrument,  or another pitch.

Pitch Raises - This is a special type of tuning to bring pitch up on instruments that are very flat,  and is followed by a fine tuning.   Sometimes if a piano has fallen extremely flat two pitch raises may be needed before a fine tuning.   This is usually the case for instruments that have gone more than two years without a tunings.

Regulation - Regulation adjusts the instrument back to set specifications that the piano would have had when first purchased. The manufacturer's specifications can of course be adjusted to conform more to a customer's desires. There are multiple areas of a piano that need regulation, usually though you will find the term applied to the action and keys. This can improving playing,   tone,   and keeping the instrument in good condition.   Regulation is also part of Concert Prepping a piano. If the piano is playing sluggishly, the tone is not what it used to be, the keys are at uneven hights, the piano can most likely benefit from a regulation.

Repair Work - We offer complete repair services.  Each repair that is charged for will only be carried out upon customer agreement.  Sometimes we will repair items we come across while working on an instrument - but we will never charge for a repair that a customer has not previously agreed to (i.e. - if our Tuner-Technician is there to tune the instrument and a repair is made that is not previously agreed to by the customer - it is not charged for.)

Reconditioning - Reconditioning is an overall improvement of an instrument's current condition. Most felt items are replaced and repairs are made and can be considered as a step below a rebuilding. Reconditioning is closely tied to Regulation - in fact a complete Regulation is performed once the Reconditioning is completed. Signs that a reconditioning may be needed are "wobbly" keys, non-functioning notes, sluggish "touch" to keys, buzzing, clicking, and/or double strikes (hammer hits a string twice when played), among many others.

Partial-Rebuilding - We offer two type of rebuilding.  A Partial Rebuilding will be a rebuilding job that retains items that are in excellent shape,  though in a complete rebuilding these would normally be replaced.  A complete job service list will be provided so the customer always knows exactly what is going to be worked on.

Rebuilding - This rebuilding will bring the instrument back to almost new condition.  Almost all parts are replaced.  The specific rebuilding options will be based on the piano,  such as Uprights usually do not have pin blocks replaced.

Finish "Touch-Up" - Before you decide to have the piano refinished,  we suggest examining the possibilities of a complete finish reconditioning.  Many customers would be surprised by the types of damage that can be repaired without the need for a more costly complete refinishing job.

Refinishing - This service will restore the piano's case, sound board, and plate to near original finish - or major changes can be made in the new finish, trim, and edging for a completely different look.

Piano Moving - Pianos are usually a very heavy item to move,  not to mention the special considerations that need to be taken when moving a large instrument.   So whether your moving your instrument from one room to another,  in state,  or out of state give us a call for rates.

Appraisals - We provide a written estimate on the current market value of your piano,   the repairs needed and their costs,   and the piano value if this work was completed.   We also include some information on the piano manufacturer if possible.

Estimates - This is for an on-site estimate for repair work,   moving,   Refinishing,   etc..

Other Services - If you need other forms of piano service, or have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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