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Piano Tuner & Technician services in Maine - keeping your piano in tune!

          Parks & Sons offers a complete line of piano services at very reasonable prices.

Below you will find a general service fee list along with our currently available discounts.

Combine our reasonable rates, discounts, and the fact that we, under some circumstances, can extend service payments on time* and you can understand how hard we work to provide honest, affordable services.

Current Prices   (as of 04/7/2014)

    Fine Tuning - $95.00

    Pitch Raises - $40.00

    Repairs - Call for Price

    Appraisals - $50.00
    (An Appraisal will contain information on the piano's manufacturer,  our estimate on current piano market value,  repairs needed and prices,  piano market value if repairs are completed. This is in writing.)

    On Site Estimates - $50.00
    (for moving,  refinishing,  repairs,  etc.)

    Service Calls - $50.00

All other services can not be priced without specific information, so please call or email.

Discounts We Offer**   (as of 12/04/2013)

    Referal Rebate - $5.00
(When you refer a friend or family member you will receive a $5.00 credit per referral that leads to any type of service.)

    Group Discount*** - $5.00
(When you join with family or friends to receive service on the same day,   each receives a $5.00 discount on their service.   If we must cancel a service visit to any one of the members that day,   we will reschedule and they will still receive the discount.)

    Introductory Discount - $5.00
(Per piano serviced to Schools,  Academies,  Churches,  and other organizations,  on our first visit.)

    Multiple Tunings Discount - $5.00
(Per serviced piano.  When we service multiple pianos at the same location or within a certain range - call for details.)

* Parks and Sons Piano Service extends payment on time credit only in certain conditions. Parks and Sons Piano Service reserves the rights to provide or deny such credit for any reason. When credit is offered, an initial downpayment will be calculated with the balance at a 0.00% interest charge.
** Discounts may not be combined. Please call or email for details.
*** Locations must be within 20 mile radius.

Travel Surcharges
As of 4/7/2014 - Parks & Sons Piano Service no longer charges a travel fee.

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