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Why Are Our Pianos A Better Buy?

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Thumbnail Style   - Date Instrument Maker Work Status Bench Delivery Tuning Warranty
Spinet - 1960 WurliTzer, Chicago, Ill. SOLD Bench included Delivery included (see details) In-home tuning upon delivery Limited warranty included (see details)
Console - 1971 LeSage, Quebec Canada SOLD Bench included Delivery included (see details) In-home tuning upon delivery Limited warranty included (see details)

          Pianos can be purchased on the private market for as low as $200 (or even free). So why consider paying more to purchase a piano from a shop?

          Anyone who has spent a few hours looking over online classified piano ads may soon notice just about every piano on the market "just needs tuning". In reality though a vast majority of these instruments need a lot more than just a tuning.

          Few things are as aggravating as purchasing a cheap (or free) piano, getting the heavy instrument into your home (or paying to have it moved), only to have your tuner/technician provide you with a list of work the piano needs just to come "up to snuff". What looked to be a money saver turned into an expensive, heavy doorstop.

          Maybe it seems like a wise decision to pick up a cheap piano for the family member who seem interested in piano lessons, after all they may give it up in a year or two. As technicians and tuners have known for decades, a piano that will not respond correctly is probably the best method to ensure they do "give it up". Learning to play the piano (either self taught or by a music teacher) is challenging, but with the above sabotage, it can be made near impossible.

          So maybe we should purchase the cheap piano (or pick it up for free), move it (or get it moved), then have a technician come out and do the work to get it up to a decent playing instrument? Surely if we start out with a small expense we will save money in the end.

          Actually, the answer is usually a resounding negative.

          Most piano services will put work into a piano going out for sale that would cost a customer thousands to have done in their home. Why? Because it is simply a fact it is cheaper for us to do our own work. Once done we have a piano that isn't losing value like a new piano that needs to sale now (and no where as fast as a digital piano that needed to be sold yesterday). That piano can remain in excellent condition in our shop for a long time waiting for a customer. We have the ability to look after it and not let it deteriorate. Our work in this instance is our investment into a future sale.

          A piano service also has a reputation to look after. They are unlikely to attempt to sell an instrument at a higher price than they believe it to be worth.

          The customer is ensured of an instrument in great condition and ready to perform for possibly a decade before needing any more work than the usual tunings. This is especially true if your piano is tuned by a tuner/technician since we generally will make tweaks and minor repairs during a scheduled tuning, an added value that possibly heads off problems before they cost a customer money.

          It is possible to find that cheap piano that is actually a great instrument, and some people do it, but the majority receive an instrument of the same value (or likely less) than they paid.

So... Why Are Our Pianos A Better Buy?

      1. Piano receives a complete inspection and evaluation on it's service needs and quality

      2. A complete Reconditioning is performed, which may include,
                    a. Repairs or replacement of action parts that are broken, weak, or will not be able to perform there function. This usually will includes new dampers, springs, bridle straps, and possibly other such usual items.
                    b. Hammers resurfaced, or in some cases new hammers installed.
                    c. Keybed inspected and reconditioned as needed. This usually includes all new felts installed in the keybed along with polishing of key pins.
                    d. Keys are inspected and reconditioned as needed. Depending on key condition this can include rebushing the keys with new felts and new keytops installed.
                    e. Strings and tuning pins are inspected. If needed they may be cleaned or replaced depending on instrument's evaluations. No instrument is sold with loose tuning pins or missing or breaking strings.
                    f. Sound board and bridges are inspected and repairs made as needed.
                    g. Trapwork (the pedal system that control dampers, sustain, etc.) are inspected and will usually have all felts replaced and lubricated.
                    h. Metal parts (such as pedals, fallboard knobs, hinges, etc.) are polished.

      3. A complete Regulation is performed, which includes,
                    a. Piano is tuned.
                    b. Keys are leveled and key travel is set to the maker's original specifications.
                    c. Action parts are regulated to function as specified by the maker's specifications.
                    d. Trapwork is regulated to maker's specifications.
                    e. Hammers are voiced as needed.
          (not a complete list or listed in specific order - those interested may contact us for a complete Regulation work schedule),

      4. Piano's cabinet finish may either be professionally repaired or refinished, as needed.

      5. Delivery of the piano if free in most cases.

      6. Most of our pianos come with a free bench.

      7. We provide a free in-home tuning upon delivery.

      8. Our pianos come with at minimal a one-year limited warranty. In some cases this will be longer.

          In short, if we are selling a piano, you can be sure it is able to provide many years or service.

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